On the planet...

Environmental Justice

And digital rights -
At the Confluence of Digital Rights and Climate Justice

Current events -
Extreme Weather Fuels Government Oppression in Island Nations, Study Finds
Why Tech Companies Must Address Emissions Caused by Streaming and Scrolling

On how we live:

Assessing the tech we currently use -
How Ad Platforms Like Facebook, Google, and Others Sneakily Drive Climate Change.
Mine Your Business
How to Decarbonize Crypto
How Many GPUs Does It Take to Run ChatGPT
Green Software and Hardware Obsolescence

Dreaming up a new way -
What Does Sustainable Living Look Like Maybe Like Uruguay
How to Build a Low-Tech Internet
They Set Out to Save Rainforests — And Could Help Prevent the Next Outbreak
The Future of Farming in Space
How Seawater Might Soak Up More Carbon

On conservation:

Trends to watch -
Top Conservation Issues to Watch Out for in 2023
A Global Community‐sourced Assessment of the State of Conservation Technology

How they work -
Conservation Technology
Wireless Sensors Could Be Less Effective in Muddy Soil

How it's used -
Heat-Sensing Drone Cameras Spy Threats to Sea Turtle Nests
Science Is Making It Possible to ‘Hear’ Nature. It Does More Talking Than We Knew
A Parliament of Earthlings